Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Final Autoclaim

What is Final Autoclaim?

Final Autoclaim is an enhanced cryptocurrency faucet compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. It allows users to earn crypto through diverse activities such as playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, and more.

How Does Final Autoclaim Work?

Unlike standard faucets, Final Autoclaim enables automatic payment and claims up to 77 different cryptocurrencies on the same page. Users have the flexibility to select their preferred coins and payment methods.

Is Final Autoclaim Legitimate?

Yes, it is a legitimate platform, consistently paying out hundreds of dollars daily to users. Payment proofs can be verified on TrustPilot and FoxyRating.

How to Start Using Final Autoclaim?

Users need to register and validate their accounts, set their crypto addresses, choose their coins and payment method, and then start the autofaucet.

What is a DUTCHY Token?

Earned through various tasks, the DUTCHY Token powers the autofaucet and can be converted to any cryptocurrency available on the site or used for advertising campaigns.

How to get DUTCHY?

Users can earn DUTCHY Tokens by completing offers and surveys, visiting websites, playing games, leveling up, participating in contests, and through referrals.

Can I withdraw my DUTCHY?

DUTCHY Tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on the site and withdrawn like a classic faucet.

Autoclaim Payment Modes:

Final Autoclaim provides two autoclaim payment modes, including a balance mode with automatic refresh and an in-page mode using Javascript.

What is Space Token?

SPACE token is integral to the Final Autoclaim platform, enabling users to stake it for potential earnings, engage in specific platform activities, and earn it as a reward for completing various tasks. SPACE holders benefit from enhanced bonuses on Autoclaim Rewards, Staking, and Gift Card purchases. For those holding SPACE LP tokens, additional bonuses are available in Roll Games, Shortlinks, and Offerwalls tasks. Its integration across blockchain networks like BSC, Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche C-Chain highlights its versatility and importance in the DeFi and crypto faucets spaces.

What is the minimum withdrawal value?

Withdrawals to FaucetPay are fixed at a minimum of $0.05, while blockchain withdrawals depend on the specific coin, usually ranging between $0.05 and $5.

Achievements, Boosts, and Potions:

The platform offers daily and long-term achievements with rewards, boosts for enhanced earnings, and potions for earning more XP or DUTCHY.

Gift Codes and Rains:

Gift codes are regularly posted on social networks, and users can earn coin rains by staying active on the platform.

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