🪙Micro-Wallet API

In our continuous pursuit to evolve the Final Autoclaim platform, we are dedicated to the development and enhancement of our Micro-Wallet API. Our vision extends beyond mere transaction facilitation; we aim to craft an API that not only simplifies transaction processes but also plays a pivotal role in elevating the presence and popularity of Space Token (SPACE).

This advanced API is a key driver in getting SPACE listed on various platforms, significantly amplifying its visibility and appeal in the wider crypto market.

Micro-Wallet API Features

  1. Fee-Free Transactions: The API allows for the seamless transfer of SPACE or SHIB to users without incurring any transaction fees. This feature is particularly beneficial for reducing operational costs while ensuring efficient reward distribution.

  2. Support and Integration Assistance: We understand that integrating new technology can be challenging. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support to facilitate the smooth integration of the Micro-Wallet API into your platform.

  3. Promotional Benefits for New Integrations: To encourage the adoption of SPACE in the crypto community, we offer substantial incentives for new faucet and earning website owners who integrate SPACE. These benefits include:

    • Lifetime Presence on Final Autoclaim Pay-To-Click (PTC) Wall: Guaranteed ongoing visibility for your platform, enhancing user traffic and engagement.

    • Lifetime Banner Campaign: As long as you continue to pay your users with SPACE, we offer a lifetime banner campaign, providing continuous marketing support.

Eligibility Criteria for Promotional Benefits:

  • To qualify for our free Pay-To-Click (PTC) campaigns, faucet and crypto website owners must complete a minimum of five payments per day using the Micro-Wallet API. This ensures active participation and contributes to the overall vibrancy and utility of the Final Autoclaim ecosystem.

Access to API Documentation:

  • Comprehensive documentation for the Micro-Wallet API is available for your reference. This documentation can be accessed at Postman API Docs, providing detailed guidelines and instructions for each endpoint.

Applying for API Access:

  • Faucet owners who are interested in integrating this API into their platforms can apply directly through our website.

  • To start the application process, please visit the following link: Faucet Admin Application.

  • This application process involves a manual review by our team, you will be contacted by mail once your faucet is approved.

Future Developments of the Micro-Wallet API

In our journey towards enhancing the Final Autoclaim platform, we are committed to the ongoing development and expansion of our Micro-Wallet API. Our vision is to cultivate a robust and intuitive tool that not only streamlines transactions, but also significantly enriches the value of the Final Autoclaim ecosystem.

Expanding Cryptocurrency Options:

  • Broader Coin Support: Looking ahead, we plan to broaden the spectrum of cryptocurrencies available through our API. In addition to SPACE and SHIB, we will be integrating a wider range of coins. This expansion will provide more flexibility and choice for both faucet owners and users, catering to a diverse range of preferences within the crypto community.

Enhancements to the User Interface:

  • User-Friendly Panel: A major focus of our development efforts is to enhance the user interface of the API’s control panel. We aim to create a more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly experience, making it easier for faucet owners and website operators to manage their operations seamlessly.

By leveraging the Micro-Wallet API, faucet owners and crypto-earning websites can significantly enhance their operational efficiency and user satisfaction. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on the broader crypto community and look forward to supporting our partners through this journey.

Our Micro-Wallet API Postman docs: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/16062742/TzeUoooJ#af00aadf-a95f-4153-b397-befdcd430aab

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