Goal Statement

Space Token and Final Autoclaim's overarching mission is to make cryptocurrency participation mainstream and accessible to all global demographics through an ecosystem of easy, rewarding actions that require no specialized skills or prior crypto experience.

As crypto faucets, DeFi protocols, and other web3 platforms often set high barriers with confusing jargon, risky loans, complex tokenomics or other roadblocks, we sought to pioneer a new approach focused on simplification and real-world utility.

Our vision sees newcomers earning small crypto rewards via surveys, games, videos and other everyday digital activities. By providing a tangible bridge between traditional comportment and decentralized ownership models, Final Autoclaim makes those first experimental steps into crypto safe, rewarding and educational.

Space Token fuels this entire earn-and-learn ecosystem as a cross-chain utility token offering reduced fees, advanced features, and sustainable incentives aligned to user needs. Expanding across popular L1s and L2s improves accessibility and flexibility for the next billion crypto users.

In enabling anyone around the globe to gradually obtain varying crypto assets with negligible risk, the platform cultivates an inclusive pathway for discovering decentralized principles and directly benefiting from their societal value propositions.

Both token and ecosystem aim to firmly anchor crypto participation in mainstream society through an interwoven focus on education, incentivization and simplification targeted to make community ownership open and beneficial for people across all cultures, classes and nations in an increasingly decentralized future.

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