SPACE as Final Autoclaim's Utility Token

In alignment with our vision and goals, the introduction of SPACE as the utility token for Final Autoclaim is a strategic move to enhance our platform's functionality and user engagement. As a utility token, SPACE plays a crucial role in the ecosystem, providing users with a range of benefits and applications. It's integral for:

  1. Rewarding User Participation: SPACE serves as a reward for users completing various tasks on Final Autoclaim, incentivizing engagement and activity.

  2. Facilitating Access to Advanced Features: Holding SPACE unlocks advanced features and capabilities within the platform, adding value to the user experience.

  3. Strengthening Community Involvement: SPACE allows for community involvement in decision-making processes, aligning with our commitment to decentralization and user empowerment.

  4. Enabling Cross-Network Accessibility: As a cross-chain token, SPACE ensures users can engage with our platform across various blockchains, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

  5. Supporting Long-Term Growth: SPACE tokenomics are designed to support the sustainable growth of Final Autoclaim, balancing rewards distribution with regular token burns to maintain token value.

Available SPACE Features on Final Autoclaim

  • Autoclaim reward bonus (from 2% to 100%) for each Space Token on-chain Holders

  • Staking reward bonus (from 0.5% to 20%) for each Space Token on-chain Holders

  • Gift Cards discounts (from -0.2% to -20%) for each Space Token on-chain Holders

  • Roll Game reward bonus (from 1.25% to 100%) for SPACE LP tokens Holders

  • Shortlinks reward bonus (from 1.25% to 100%) for SPACE LP tokens Holders

  • Offers and Surveys reward bonus (from 0.25 to 20%) for SPACE LP tokens Holders

  • Up to 40% APR with Space Token On-Chain Staking Pool

  • Up to 10% APR with Space Token Off-Chain Staking Pool

  • 10% Lifetime Discount for banner advertisers buying campaigns with SPACE

  • 10% Lifetime Discount for Pay-To-Click (PTC) advertisers buying campaigns with SPACE

  • Discounts for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Memberships bought with SPACE

  • Space Token Micro-wallet API for External Third-Party Websites.

  • SPACE distributions to Daily and Weekly Contest Winners

  • Users can complete Daily Social Tasks and get paid in SPACE

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