👨‍🚀Space Token Bonuses

Introducing Space Token Bonuses on Final Autoclaim

We are excited to present the Space Token Bonuses, a distinctive rewards program designed to enhance your experience on Final Autoclaim. Our Space Token Bonuses offer a range of perks on Final Autoclaim for holders of Space Token (SPACE) and SPACE LP Tokens, aligning with our commitment to provide value and utility to our community.

Key Highlights of SPACE Bonuses:

  • Enhanced Autoclaim Rewards: SPACE holders enjoy up to a +100% increase in autoclaim rewards, maximizing their earnings potential.

  • Increased Staking Rewards: By holding SPACE, users can earn up to +20% more on their staking rewards, offering an attractive incentive for long-term participation.

  • Exclusive Discounts: SPACE holders benefit from up to -20% discounts on gift card purchases, adding value to each transaction.

  • Additional Bonuses for Liquidity Providers: Those providing liquidity via SPACE LP Tokens gain up to +100% bonuses on roll games and shortlinks, along with up to +20% on surveys and offers tasks, rewarding their contribution to the ecosystem.

Eligibility and Participation:

  • To unlock SPACE bonuses, users need to hold a minimum of 200 SPACE across supported networks.

  • For SPACE LP Token holders, a minimum of 5 SPACE LP tokens is required.

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