Q2 2023

Space Token

  • Migration Finalized on Final Autoclaim.
  • SPACE distributions to Minigames Contest Winners.
  • LP pool offerings expanded on Final Autoclaim, the following V3 pools are now included to SPACE LP Bonuses and Staking
    • Quickswap V3 SPACE-MATIC
    • Pancakeswap V3 SPACE-BNB 0.01% Tier Fee
    • Pancakeswap V3 SPACE-BNB 0.05% Tier Fee
  • New step-by-step tutorials to help users to add liquidity to new V3 pools post on Medium
  • Space Token Launched on Avalanche C-Chain
  • Listing and Liquidity provided on Trader Joe.
  • Avalanche C-Chain integration on Space Token Perks.

Final Autoclaim

  • ​Update 2.1.1​
    • Micro-Tasks features added
    • New Offer and Surveys walls partners:
      • MM Wall
      • Excentiv
      • CryptoAd
    • Gift cards levels discounts added
    • Space Token BNB Chain withdrawal configuration updated:
      • Minimum to withdraw was turned from 500 to 35 SPACE
      • Withdrawal fee was turned from 80 to 4 SPACE
Last modified 2mo ago