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Benefits for Space Token Holders (SPACE Bonuses):

-> Up to +100% on Autoclaim Rewards -> Up to +20% on Staking Rewards! -> Up to -20% Discount on Every Gift Cards Purchases!

Get SPACE bonus details:

pageSPACE Bonuses

Benefits for Space Token Liquidity Providers (SPACE LP Bonuses):

-> Up to +100% on Roll Games and Shortlinks Rewards -> Up to +20% on Surveys and Offers tasks Rewards!

Get SPACE LP bonus details:

pageSPACE LP bonuses

First Of All, you need to have a Final Autoclaim account and Web3 Wallet Extension installed in your browser.

We recommend using wallet since that's probably the most secure and the user experience is great.

This table contains a list of compatible Web3 Wallets that you can use to buy and hold your SPACE and SPACE LP:


Chrome, Edge, Opera

iOS, Android, Chrome, Edge, Opera

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

Once your web3 wallet is ready, you can start buying some SPACE. Space Token can be bought in many places, depending on which network you want to use.

Below, you can get details about the different networks where SPACE is deployed, and the links that show Space Token Contracts details on explorers.

NetworkNative TokenSPACE contracts

Polygon PoS


Fantom Opera


BNB Smart Chain (BSC)


Avalanche C-Chain


We recommend buying SPACE on SpaceSwap for a smoother experience, SpaceSwap is the Official Website for swapping Space Token. SpaceSwap is compatible with over 20 blockchain networks including the ones compatible with SPACE.

Here is a list of links to buy SPACE on SpaceSwap, depending on your favorite network:


BNB Smart Chain (BSC)



Avalanche C-Chain

Step-by-Step Guide to Buy SPACE Using SpaceSwap:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Click on the 'Connect Wallet' button to link your wallet to SpaceSwap.

  2. Prepare to Swap: Enter the amount of coin you wish to swap for SPACE.

  3. Execute the Trade: Once you have entered the desired amount and are ready to proceed, click on the 'Exchange' button to initiate the swap.

At this step, you are finally a Space Token holder!

Once you have SPACE in your web3 wallet:

  1. Log in to your Final Autoclaim Account

  2. Scroll down until you find the LINK SPACE WALLET button

  3. Select the wallet that you will link, it must be the wallet that contains your SPACE

  1. Allow the connexion to Final Autoclaim

  1. Sign the message shown on your Web3 Wallet to authenticate your wallet

At this point, the system will automatically detect the SPACE amount contained in your wallet across the different networks, and if this amount is higher than 200, you will instantly get the Space Bonuses activated!

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